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Sunderland strides towards business supremacy

Nov 27, 2008 | Blog

The city of Sunderland is rapidly establishing itself as one of the top business regions in the country through a wealth of corporate investment and business expansion that is resulting in a raised profile and growing reputation, reports

A series of modern business parks are currently in development as part of a long-term economic plan to revitalise the city's corporate centre and help the region compete with Leeds venues and Edinburgh venues.

Major multinational corporations Nike and Nissan are in the process of establishing bases within the city, with Nissan introducing 690,000 square feet of office space which could offer conference facilities and meeting venues while also boosting the local economy through the creation of 4,000 new jobs.

Doxford International Business Park has become one of several flagship developments that will be central to the future economic security of the city which has already attracted several major multinationals including telecoms giant T-Mobile, major energy supplier EDF and Barclays. The new Rainton Bridge South business park is intended to make a similar impact through an investment of £100 million arranged by Sunderland City Council with Goodman.

Rainton forms part of Sunderland's innovative Software City plan, which is designed to promote cutting-edge internet connectivity throughout the region. The scheme is centred upon the e-volve business centre, which will offer state of the art business resources when it is firmly established within the local corporate community. Sunderland's intention is to make a clear statement within the world of telecommunications, and the £8 million e-volve building will be a major catalyst in this regard.

Councillor Paul Watson, leader of Sunderland City Council, told the website: "We have an excellent portfolio of businesses in Sunderland which is testament to our fantastic range of business parks. Businesses continue to invest and reinvest in the city."

While investing millions in new builds to remain competitive in the event venues sector, Sunderland is also turning its attention to its older structures with an eye to taking advantage of their potential while retaining their historical significance. Over the past few years the city has successfully converted the River Wear Commissioners Building into a bustling business centre without compromising the beauty of its original design, while Grade II-listed buildings have been converted into thePlace in Sunniside.

While old and new buildings alike are becoming integral to the corporate future of the city, authorities are also looking to attract the younger generation by making improvements to the city's university campus. Indeed, the sites itself will soon be home to a new hotel while also providing conference facilities and meeting rooms as part of a £75 million investment.

Although the global financial crisis has threatened the future of the conference sector, Sunderland is just one of many cities across the UK doing its best to revitalise the local economy and safeguard its future. By adopting a forward-looking stance and being creative in considering new ways to appeal to increasingly cash-strapped business tourist, the city is in good stead to retain its position as a leading provider of conference centres in the UK.

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