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A little extra something

Apr 03, 2006 | Blog

If you think about all the things you’ve bought since the start of the year I reckon they will all have one important thing in common. In each case I wouldn’t mind betting that the organisation that sold them to you tried to give you added value.

Sometimes this is easy to spot. If you buy a car, for example, the salesman will often throw in a year’s tax and insurance and send you on your way with a full tank of petrol. If you are in the process of booking your summer holiday you will no doubt have come across hotels that offer three nights for the price of two. A trip to your local supermarket will usually end up with your buying something you didn’t really want because it was part of a ‘buy one get one free’ offer.

Let’s not be naïve, we know that most offers are the result of a carefully put together marketing campaign and that the sellers, be they car salesmen or supermarket managers, are not really losing any money.

However, the customer has nevertheless been made to feel that they are benefiting from extra value and that the firm they are buying from has treated them fairly.

The process of booking a venue for your event shouldn’t be much different. When you approach a venue you mustn’t be frightened to ask what sort of package can be worked out for you and your guests or delegates.

Again, with some venues it is easy to see what this will be. Sports clubs will doubtless throw in a tour of the ground while museums will offer complimentary tickets for special exhibitions.

Perhaps it is more important to you that the A/V equipment is included in the deal or that you are offered some sort of upgrade in the catering service. Some hotel venues will offer significant discounts on bedrooms while other venues may have an agreement with local hotels.

It doesn’t matter if you are organising a wedding, a meeting for 20 people or a conference for several hundred, you should not be afraid to ask. After all, the venues want your business and should be keen to discuss your requirements with a view to adding that little bit extra.

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