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Free trial with the voucher that can change your world!

Feb 27, 2013 | Blog

Restaurant Voucher Heaven is different:

A discount voucher system that cares about your profits and the discount that you can actually afford, giving you total control of your spend.

A discount voucher system that cares about your customers, giving them risk free choice and a chance to help those less fortunate.

A discount voucher system that cares about Save the Children, with 35p from every voucher going to this world wide charity.

Using the viral power of Facebook and it’s 27 million UK registered users - Restaurant Voucher Heaven - is unique. You receive:

-New Customers to your venue

-Detailed data of your targeted customer. Your customer can only receive the voucher after interacting with your brand on the site. The user can only sign up for one free voucher a week. They chose yours. Valuable data in numbers you can afford.

-Your own viral advert. As soon as your voucher is downloaded it is also shown and recommended to your new customers contacts on Facebook. The best form of marketing.

-Brand association. The voucher you put on the site will show your logo, your picture and the Save the Children logo too, let this massive audience see you care. To have the use of this logo is beyond most businesses budget. Benefit from its power.

-You choose your own terms and cap the amount downloaded. This gives you total control of your spend.

Unlike with the majority of vouchers there are no associated commissions or percentages Restaurant Voucher Heaven is different, there is only ever a 65p charge for each voucher downloaded for your venue. You control the number of available vouchers and the deal. 35p of this goes straight to Save The Children.

The Restaurant Voucher Heaven team are experts on viral marketing, as realised when one man saved his business through an extraordinarily successful social networking campaign. This is our chance to give back – helping businesses, raising money for charity and giving users cheaper meals. Facebook users love charity and they will forward that opportunity on.

We know this deal will change your world (and that of children around the world), just for subscribers – we are offering a free trial until the end of April 2013.

We need the site Beta testing and further populating with venues and would appreciate your help with this. To take advantage of this totally free trial, just add ‘’ after your name when registering.

(Please note that this deal can be applied to any venue and any offer, not just restaurants)

To sign up and watch the story so far go to

We look forward to working with you.

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