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Hello January

Jan 06, 2016 | Blog

Hello January!!

Christmas was so last year; it is time to take down your decorations, remove all trace of Christmas  from your website and email footers. January 2016 is officially here bringing with it a host of opportunity and excitement. This year make your January full of plans not promises; resolutions are for softies, but thinking ahead to the many exciting things that you can do this year are for the New Year thinkers. Here is guide to help you get 2016 off to a great start. 

1. Stay in Touch and Travel More

If you have a great time with family and friends catching up, then don’t waste time, plan your next trip, meal out or get together now. At,uk we can help you organise your next big event, as we get new deals and offers every day for places to stay and party. 


2. Get Fit and Eat Healthier

It is time to give up your vices, it is likely to be unachievable to give up everything in January so make a plan to make a few changes every month.


3. Get to Grips with Social Media

Learn a new skill for 2016, people that learn live longer it is a fact. Social Media is about keeping up to date with your favourite things.Follow venues on Twitter or Facebook for up to the minute offers




4. Make a Bucket List for 2016

Follow our suggestions to make plans for the year ahead. Follow our calendar of major events and places to go in 2016.


5. Reduce Your Stress and Sleep more

Contact us and let us help you find your perfect venue. No stress, no worries, more sleep.

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