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How to mark Christmas with a party to remember

Oct 29, 2008 | Blog

The Christmas party can be a great way to remind employees what they have in common and highlight their collective achievements for the year. There has, in fact, never been a better time to forge corporate solidarity with those with whom the bulk of the working week is spent, which is all the more reason for event organisers to plan for a great time that can be enjoyed by everyone.

A terrific knees-up during the season of goodwill can have a great impact on staff morale in turbulent times and help to deliver a higher level of productivity when the New Year rolls around. reports that choosing a great venue for the party is crucial, and the office should be avoided if at all possible. People's work space is not associated with a place where they can let their hair down, so choosing a different Christmas party venue can be very important. Organisers should pick a venue which is easy to get to with close proximity to reliable transport links and which is preferably centrally-located. If there are lots of employees to cater for, then space will be necessary, which is what makes larger restaurants and event venues particularly suitable.

The success of the evening's events could be measured by the entertainment on offer. There's a huge range of possibilities here but perhaps the easiest thing to do is to take on board the interests and hobbies of the staff to gauge what people are into. Selecting entertainment that everyone enjoys - be it local celebrity appearances, tribute bands, comedians or a host of other options - on one level or another is a real result as it could lead to a memorable evening for all the right reasons. It also ably demonstrates that the management truly connects with the staff and appreciates them all as individuals.

Themed events are increasingly popular for corporate Christmas parties as they provide an excuse to dress-up and have fun in a way that can be truly exhilarating. Common themes include a Rio carnival atmosphere which recreates the biggest street-party in Latin America, if not the world, the glorious excess of Moulin Rouge and the classic winter wonderland theme of snowmen and sledges. Catering and entertainment can be arranged to suit the theme, as can the venue itself, with banners and props available to really make thing special. Think burlesque dancers for a Moulin Rouge theme or a tribute rock and roll band for event organisers seeking a glam-rock theme.

The more elaborate a party request, the more time is generally required to satisfy it, so event organisers are advised to book sooner rather than later. Early booking also ensures that staff have plenty of notice and there'll be less chance of deposits being lost due to employees not being able to make it.

With enough time and planning from event organisers the Christmas party can be a wonderful experience and a fond memory for all employees. It's relatively simple and straightforward to help colleagues let their hair down and its importance should not be underestimated.

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