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Feb 22, 2007 | Blog

I don’t know how many of you went along to Confex this week, hopefully it was a good number.

There are two reason I hope you did. The first is that after a few years in which it may have been slightly in the doldrums, it was actually a cracking few days with lots to see and do on top of the basic reason of seeking out venues and service providers for your event.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the organisers had made a huge effort to lay on plenty of seminars, keynote sessions and other platforms that provided help and advice. Most of the seminars were packed and the show’s advice clinic enjoyed brisk business.

Perhaps it is human nature to be slightly reticent when it comes to seeking help and advice, especially in our professional lives. We maybe don’t want to appear weak and out of control particularly when the company has taken us on to do a particular job, after all, if we’ve been engaged to fulfil a certain role it’s probably because of our perceived ability to carry it off. The last thing we want is for the boss to think that he’s made a mistake.

The point is, however, that throughout our lives we never stop learning and there are always new ideas and innovations that we need to keep up with.

This is where shows like Confex are such a valuable tool. For the sake of a few hours away from the office there is so much to be learned, so much excellent advice to be had.

It’s not only exhibitions, there are a number of organisations that regularly run forums and seminars where industry folk come together to share examples of good and bad practice in order to help run their businesses better which in turn helps make the industry better. It’s a fine example of a profitable shared experience.

Now, this isn’t a million miles away from what you as event organisers are surely trying to bring off on a daily basis. Whether you run weddings, special events, conferences, conventions or exhibitions you are wanting your guests, delegates and customers to enjoy a fantastic shared experience, and, as we all know, there is no finer platform than a live event in which to do this.

So, before you next spend time trying to convince people of the value of what you are offering them, why not seek out your own shared experience, it could make your own efforts even better

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