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Spice up your Summer events

Jul 30, 2014 | Blog

Themed events are gaining in popularity and as summer events tend to have a more casual vibe they provide the perfect opportunity to get creative. By coordinating the elements of your event to suit the theme it can also help with making those big decisions about venues, activities, menus, decoration, messaging and entertainment.

Vintage tea party, rustic country and festival style weddings are the choice du jour at the moment, but corporate events have also been getting in on the theme action. If you’re planning a business meeting, conference, awards ceremony or team building activity, the right theme can set the tone and make for a more successful and more memorable event. Themes can help provide a fun and creative atmosphere in which to convey ideas and information and assist with team building and training programmes.

Here are a few themed event ideas that are popular within the industry right now.

The World Cup sparked quite a few South American/Brazilian inspired events, sometimes including the screening of a football match. The beauty of this theme is that it is colourful, provides great music and entertainment options and combines well with street food style menus, which are hugely popular right now. Think Caipirinhas, empanadas, churros and a lively Latin band and who wouldn’t be in the mood for a party!

The British love the chance to get out in the sun and have a picnic or BBQ. Picnics are especially nostalgic and are a really easy, informal theme for an event. It’s also great if you are on a budget as you don’t need much more than a few picnic blankets, maybe some deck chairs and some traditional picnic foods like sandwiches, sausage rolls and scotch eggs.  The Deck at the National Theatre has combined a picnic style event with a pop-up cinema this summer, incorporating two really interesting and fun event ideas. Middle Temple are also hosting a pop-up cinema event in their gardens and are combining it with a choice between a luxury BBQ or a luxury picnic hamper.

Festival style events have been popular this summer. Live music, food and drink stalls, fairground style entertainment and a relaxed vibe make for a great event, whether it’s a wedding, networking event or a company’s summer party. It also allows for a great choice of teambuilding activities, from group games to interactive workshops.

Another great idea doing the rounds is an Arabian/Middle Eastern style theme. This laid back theme can be created at either an indoor or outdoor venue and just requires a few Persian carpets, low tables and floor cushions. You could combine with a Middle Eastern inspired menu of falafel, dips, spicy kofte, tagines and baklava.

A theme that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and that is perfect for parties, award ceremonies, weddings and celebrations of all kinds is a Great Gatsby theme.  The roaring Twenties have made a comeback in everything from fashion to design to event planning. This vintage theme combines lively music, decadent food, glamourous décor and plenty of champagne, and will have your guests dancing til dawn.

We hope some of these themes have inspired you to get creative with your next event!

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