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Tips for planning a successful conference

Aug 27, 2014 | Blog

First and foremost is getting the content right. There are many small details that will ensure a delegate remembers and enjoys your conference but in order to get delegates to attend in the first place the emphasis should be placed on your content and speaker programme. You should ask yourself why your delegates will attend your event and what do you want them to take away from it.

Plan your conference around a theme or set of goals and develop a cohesive message with a well thought out and inspiring programme, tying together the speakers’ content to create an overarching message or story which will give your audience a new experience.

As soon as the content of your conference has been decided, planning should commence on the branding for the event. The key is to create professional branding that remains unchanged throughout your conference. The design and message should be consistent, and therefore recognisable, for promotional material ahead of the event, the banners and brand advertising at the event and the follow-up material after the event.

Use social media to create a buzz around your event and get people interacting. A dedicated social network for your event can add real value. Create a recognisable hashtag for your event which is used in all your social media activity.

Use your social media channels to stimulate interaction ahead of the event by posing ‘teaser’ questions or challenges to your audience. Take note of the replies you receive. This information can help to inform you of participants’ motivations and expectations and can lead to more productive engagement during your event.

Use your social media channels to assess real-time reactions to your event and engage with participants. By keeping the conversation going with participants you ensure more people will find out about the event and it is also a great way to get ideas, opinions and feedback.

Give thought to the food, you cannot underestimate the importance of your event menu. Delegates are often disappointed by the lack of choice and limited recognition of dietary requirements. By making a statement with your food and providing something a little different your event will be all the more memorable.  You can also use your menu to revitalise your delegates and keep them engaged. Whatever you choose to go with, an element of choice and a menu that is sympathetic to dietary requirements should be standard.

Finally, consider the little details. Take time to plan the layout of your event. Make sure there is plenty of room for people to move about and interact. Have clear signage so that everyone knows where they are going and what is on. Provide a few useful promotional items, like a branded conference folder and writing pad that delegates can use during the event and take away with them to provide a reminder of the day.

I hope you have found these tips useful. If you are planning a conference and require a venue we can help. Venues has hundreds of conference venues located all around the UK listed on the site. You can search for venues via location and capacity or you can submit an enquiry to us and we will find suitable conference venues for you.

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