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Turn Back Time

Oct 23, 2015 | Blog

At midnight, on Saturday it’s that time of year again when the words of Cher become a reality, as we turn back time by one hour; making our very dark mornings a little lighter, for a just a little while.

It is great for dog walkers and famers, but annoying for the rest of us.  Automatic updates are brilliant on Smartphones, and digital radios but not every item in our venues or homes are as smart.  It is a time consuming task to change all the clocks in the building, and can literally take hours in hotels and function venues. And it is guaranteed that one clock somewhere will be missed out, but make sure it is not the heating system.

To ensure that your events run smoothly on Monday 26, and even Tuesday 27 October , it just might be friendly, and prudent,  to send the event’s organisers a little they can pass it on to their guests to help them turn up on time. But remember in Spring you will have to do it all again, but in reverse. 

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