Exhibition Venues


The UK is the home to some of the best exhibition venues in the UK. From historic venues to state of the art exhibition centres, we can help you find the perfect venue for your exhibition. 

Exhibition Venues

An Exhibition is an organised presentation and display of a section of items, mainly held in exhibition venues, exhibition halls, museums or galleries.

What kind of Exhibition venues are there?

It depends exactly what your requirements are. There are the big, well known arenas in London and all of the major cities in the UK, so if you are looking for somewhere with large floor space that can accommodate lots of display stands and a large footfall of traffic, then these would be an ideal choice.

Perhaps you are looking to exhibit a new company product and are looking to invite the press, then you may be interested in something like a gallery space or a warehouse type venue. Somewhere that can also provide a drinks reception.

What do Exhibition venues cost to hire?

It is important to have in mind exactly what kind of budget you have to spend on an exhibition venue and stick to it. If it is a big event, then apart from hire cost, you will have to consider, insurance, branding and marketing. If you are reliant on a return on investment from exhibiting companies, then you may need to employ a dedicated team to market the stalls as well.

With a smaller exhibition venue, it may just be the space hire and you can work with the venue manager to work out a suitable package that also covers, refreshments and a buffet.


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