Planning the prefect Christmas party

The festive season might seem like it is months away, but event organisers should consider planning their Christmas party as soon as possible.

Although some people will claim to hate Christmas parties, they offer a number of advantages for businesses when it comes to both staff and clients.

As well as offering employees a social event where they can get together, Christmas parties can also boost morale.

Karen Hanton, entrepreneur and the founder and chairman of Toptable, speaking on behalf of Nectar Business, previously noted: "Everyone out there should have a Christmas party, even if it's a very inexpensive one at the local pub with a few drinks and a sausage on a stick. It's important to keep morale up and keep it all together."

"People get very demotivated and feel very devalued if you cut out their enjoyment," explained Ms Hanton

Similarly, a client Christmas party allows firms to give something back to their customers and build relationships.

Planning a Christmas party
Firstly, it is often a good idea to find out what other members of your team think would make a great Christmas party. Create a form where people can input ideas, as this will create a buzz around the event.

While most Christmas parties follow a general theme surrounding the festive season, choosing a more detailed one shows more thought and will usually be appreciated.

With many companies still feeling the effects of the recession, cutting back on the Christmas party can seem like a good idea. But, the event need not cost a fortune. Consider booking your party on a Monday, as many venues struggle to fill space on this day, which means event organisers can often get a good deal by opting for the beginning of the week.

When it comes to food and drink, try negotiating with the venue for discounts or opt for a venue that allows you to bring in your own choice of catering and drink.

It is also important to ensure you focus on the detail and think about guests as individuals. Booking interesting entertainment can also help create a successful Christmas party.

Choosing a Christmas party venue
Across the country, hotels, pubs and other venues will all currently be promoting their Christmas party options.

Many hotels and other venues will hold a Christmas ball, where numerous companies, friends and organisations come together. This type of event is often a good idea when organising a festive party for a small number of people. Entertainment and food is usually provided in the cost of the ticket, which often makes it a cheaper option.

For event organisers who are working on larger parties, creating an unique event may be a better option.

It is also possible to get help from experts, including Christmas party specialist Best Parties Ever, which recently added five new venues to its festive offering. These include Edinburgh's Royal Highland Centre, Newcastle's Times Square, Sheffield's Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Cheltenham Racecourse and Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge.

The Times' top-rated private room experience venue, All Star Lanes, is another option for people looking to create a Christmas party with a difference. It offers private rooms, complete with three lanes for bowling, and caters for groups with capacities ranging from 30 to 130.

Agency The Finishing Touch, caterer Party Ingredients and entertainment specialist Firebird Events are also working together during the festive season, when they will exclusively host Christmas events at the Museum of London.

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