Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor has seen a 20% a rise (over the last two years) in bookings for large scale corporate kick off events, with approximately 38% of enquiries being taken by the events team relating to kick off events which require exclusive use of the venue. Much more than incentive and teambuilding away days, kick off events are often large, unique and creative events with the sole purpose of delivering the company focus. They have hosted several kick off events for clients in the pharmaceutical, financial, media and automotive sectors. Kick off events are often annual with extended lead times and since 2013 Beaumont has seen attendee numbers increase by approximately 10% year on year. It has been noted (through surveys) that attendees are arriving from both the UK and overseas and Beaumont’s close proximity to Heathrow and 414 bedroom capacity has helped to convert bookings.

As a result of the recession and slashed budgets Beaumont saw a sharp decline in bookings for teambuilding activities and events designed to train employees, heighten creativity and boost moral from 2010-2013. Post-recession Beaumont witnessed the emergence of customised events on a larger scale (100+) with more budgets attributed to getting employees engaged and inspired. Equally it was recognised that employees desired greater transparency and kick off events were created to deliver key messages to as many employees as possible.

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