Conference Summit attendees vote on which event formats will prosper in 2014

Attendees at the Conference Summit in London's Dexter House, which took place on 6th December, cast their votes to the question: 'How do you see the events industry evolving in 2014?' at a stand run by event app manufacturers Slido.

According to the survey, almost half (45%) of event professionals believe that more innovative formats will prosper in 2014, while traditional formats will suffer. Some 29% of the attendees believe the industry will grow as the economy becomes stronger, compared to 13% who think it will decline significantly.

However, in a morning talk with a panel of industry experts, Giles Cummings, digital director of i2i Events Group, stated that it is "getting harder to achieve delegate growth".

Speakers added to this by saying that organisers need to create event content that is more relevant to delegates in order to get more to attend.

Claire Wormsley, managing director of the Global Conference Network, commented that the summit "showcased how innovative this industry is and its contribution to the economy".

The third annual Conference Summit was attended by more than 180 conference industry professionals from the UK and overseas and was hosted by the Global Conference Network. The event aims to bring together conference professionals from across the events industry to debate and discuss challenges in today’s market.

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