European venues cut prices to attract Brits

Businesses organising conferences may be attracted abroad as European venues slash their prices in an attempt to keep Brits travelling to business and leisure tourism.

A spokesperson from the Association of Independent Tour Operators, says: "Britain is one of the biggest markets for most of the countries in European Union and if they want to keep their market, they will have to look at their prices."

The representative explains that it is "a supply and demand issue" for European venues, which have to stimulate customers if people are not travelling as much as they might have.

He suggests that hotels would rather charge 75 or 80 per cent of the cost of a room than leave it empty.

However, the spokesperson asserts that Europe will always remain a "strong" and "default" destination as it is easy to get to and convenient.

Recent research by found that the cost of a room in popular destinations in the Eurozone is frequently lower than the equivalent at home.

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