Greener lighting for Corn Exchange

Edinburgh’s landmark event space, The Edinburgh Corn Exchange, has recently completed the installation of a bespoke, state of the art LED lighting and surround sound PA system, designed with environmental consideration at its core.

Over a quarter mile of high-tech LED lighting systems have been installed in the venue’s 1,400 square metre Exchange space and adjacent Concourse area, popular for holding large events and exhibitions, allowing them to be transformed, through creating different atmospheres and almost any shade of colour at the touch of a button.

The new lighting and sound installations are more efficient, using less power, and are quicker to set up, consequently making them more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

“We wanted to address the environmental issues surrounding power consumption from temporary lighting, and at the same time improve the facility we provide to our clients,” said Edinburgh Corn Exchange director Paul DeMarco. “The new installations are adaptable to use in a wide variety of situations and make holding events at the Corn Exchange both better, easier and more cost effective.”

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