Leith’s and AEO form strategic partnership

Leith’s, Compass Group’s venue catering operation, has formed a strategic partnership with the Association of Exhibition Organisers (AEO). The company is a partner for many in the events industry with catering being a key element to the customer experience. “Everyone agrees that "food and event catering":http://www.tsnn.co.uk/dir/cat_co_117.htm can have a huge impact on the experience,” says John Jackson, senior general manager for Leith’s London operations at Exce, Earls Court and Olympia. “However, despite the fact we are an integral element of any event, we are not always afforded the opportunity to deal with organisers directly and have their expectations and our proposals fully explained. In the same way, organisers do not always make time available for discussion with "caterers":http://www.tsnn.co.uk/dir/cat_co_2018.htm notwithstanding the impact catering can have on their event. Becoming a strategic partner of the AEO is an indication of our commitment to bridging this gap. Improving our services and developing direct dialogue with the event owners we serve means we can only improve the experience for all.”

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