Unique Ice Wells Lit in Heritage Venue

The Victorian ice wells beneath central London event venue, the waterside London Canal Museum, have been lit with a dramatic new LED lighting scheme that is sure to provide a talking point at many a private function.

The ice wells are very large circular cellars beneath the floor and visitors can look down into one of them through a fenced opening in the floor. They were used in the late 19th century to store ice imported from Norway, in the days when electric refrigerators were long into the future. The ice was distributed to traders in meat, fish and dairy products and the makers of ice cream.

The new lighting scheme was designed by experienced lighting designer Graham Festenstein, and makes the most of the vast circular brick structure to create a subterranean drama in as many colours as you could think of. During the daytime, when the museum is busy telling the story of the ice trade alongside that of London's canals, the wells will be lit to show off this unique piece of heritage to visitors. LED up-lights and a series of spotlights highlight the walls. At night, private functions will be enhanced by the lighting's movement and colour in dramatic light shows. The ice wells are the only such wells in preservation that can be seen by the public.

The museum hosts a wide variety of private events such as receptions, conferences, parties, weddings, and launches and has recently been licensed for wedding ceremonies.

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