Choosing a venue outside of London

London is packed full of notable venues, many of which offer great service and are perfect for a wide range of events. But, sometimes venturing away from the capital can give an event, whether it's a conference, exhibition or party, the extra edge.

There are a number of advantages to choosing an event outside of London. One of the major draws to hosting a conference outside of the capital is that many regional venues offer cheaper rates than their London rivals. This is important for both event organisers and attendees – particularly if delegates have to pay for their own hotel room or food during the event. By opting for a cheaper regional venue over one in the capital, organisers will be able to use the money saved to make the event even more special.

A key factor when choosing any venue is its transport links. For those who live in Scotland or the north of England, travelling down to London for an event can be time-consuming and costly. By opting for a venue in the midlands or even in Yorkshire, the event becomes easier for many more people to get to.

This is something that Event and Ticket Expert has also pointed out, noting: "There might be many people who really want to attend your event but just find it too difficult or inconvenient to get to."

Holding an event in the centre of London can also mean attendees face a number of transport issues. While the capital is well-served by air and rail, those who are hoping to drive to the London venue could be faced with a congestion charge as well as long traffic jams.

In contrast, many venues outside of the capital boast large car parks and easy access by road. The venues are also served by many regional and international airports.

Event and Ticket Expert also advised that it's important to ensure that the location is easily accessible by public transport, which is something that many regional venues are.

For example, those hoping to host an event at a Leeds venue or another location in West Yorkshire will be able to take advantage of the city's strong transport infrastructure. As well as being located just over two hours from the centre of London by train, the city is served by the M1 and the M62. Leeds Bradford International Airport is also on the city's doorstep, making it a very easily accessible destination.

Many of the country's northern cities, such as Manchester and Liverpool, have shaken off their 1980s image of neglect and are now modern destinations, packed full of great things to do and see. This makes them appealing getaway locations, which delegates can explore after or before an event.

Smaller towns and cities across the UK can also make more of an effort for events, particularly large-scale conferences and exhibitions which are bringing a lot of revenue to the city.

This is something which Ben Goedegebuure, director of sales at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), believes Glasgow offers event organisers and delegates.

"When you are a smaller city, it is a big deal to have the conference business and the events business," he said.

In some cases, welcome banners will be placed around the city, he said: "There is an actual recognition of the event in the city, which is special."

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