Graduation Ball Venue Hire 2018

An exciting time is approaching for university students across the country. No we’re not just thinking about the actual graduation ceremony, we’re thinking about the time when pens go down, exams and assignments are finished, you take a deep breath and get ready for celebrations at your graduation ball! The graduation ball is the perfect place to let loose and leave the stresses of university life behind you and enjoy what little time at university you have left. It is a chance to meet with all of your fellow students, tutors and friends for one last time in a fantastic setting before the big day.

So, if you’re the organiser of your university’s graduation ball and are struggling to find the perfect venue to make it a memorable occasion, then read on to see our top picks of the best graduation ball venues to hire.

Cheltenham Racecourse

Depending on the size of your course you will need a space that can accommodate different amounts of people. Most courses, however, are quite large and you will need to invite tutors and those that helped along the way. Graduation balls are often a prestigious occasion, but also a time to let loose and celebrate, so taking all of this into consideration we give you Cheltenham Racecourse.

The world-famous Cheltenham Racecourse has 12 function rooms to choose from and can certainly cater for a large university course as it can hold up to 2,250 people. As you can see, each of the function rooms are beautifully decorated and have large TVs available, so why not add a special touch by using these screens to display some of the favourite moments from your course?

If you’re the organiser of this occasion you’ll be glad to know that this venue comes with a dedicated event management service and bespoke catering options to make your job easier. This is a perfect venue for a prestigious event such as a graduation ball.

College Court Conference Centre

If your course is slightly smaller than most but you would still like to go all out and enjoy this special occasion, then we suggest you try College Court Conference Centre in Leicester. This venue has the capacity to cater for up to 200 people in its largest room, which is the perfect size for university courses. College Court also offers fine dining and has various packages available to choose from.

Its beautiful and tranquil surroundings will be the perfect setting to end your university career and the magnificent trees and landscaped gardens will make great photo opportunities!

The Monastery, Manchester

If there’s one of our graduation ball venues that gives the ultimate graduation ball vibe, it’s this one! The Monastery based in Manchester is the perfect graduation ball venue both in terms of image and what it offers. The magnificent, architectural design of this building is made for grand events, and the Harry Potter-esque design is the perfect setting for a university event.

This venue has a mix of traditional and contemporary. It is an architectural masterpiece that is full of history. Inside, the staff work hard to give a contemporary feel in the decor to host events such as weddings, conferences, graduation balls, plus much more. It is a striking venue in its appearance and will certainly have your guests in awe!

The Monastery offers an event management and catering service and can cater for up to 650 people. This is a unique venue that is rich in history, design and culture and is sure to make your graduation ball memorable!

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There is no time to waste when booking your graduation ball venue as it’s not too far away, and these fantastic venues are in popular demand. Make sure your graduation ball goes off with a bang and is an unforgettable night! These are just some of the venues we offer which are fantastic for graduation balls. You can book these venues directly through our website or browse our website to find other venues to hire.



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