Party Venues To Hire For Milestone Birthdays

Birthdays are always a special occasion to celebrate, however for those big milestone birthdays you can go above and beyond to make it a birthday to remember! Whether you’re looking for a large party venue to host many guests, or a venue for a small get together with a special atmosphere, we have something for everyone. From turning 16 to 100, and all the birthdays in between, here are just a few of our party venues to hire for a special, milestone birthday.


The City Pavilion

When celebrating a milestone birthday, you want to celebrate in style and maybe more than you have for other birthdays. The City Pavilion in Essex is the perfect place to celebrate your special birthday. This venue has a sense of grandeur and opulence as you can see from the images above.

The City Pavilion is one of the most sought after venues in the South East and its grand, stylish decor is the perfect place to celebrate an 18th or 21st birthday, or spoil your grandparents and give them a night like never before for their milestone birthday. This stunning venue aims to wow guests and make your occasion unique and special.

In its largest room this venue can host up to 2200 guests, so we suggest you go all out for this occasion and don’t scrimp on the invites or the venue.


Victoria Warehouse

You only have an 18th or 21st birthday once in your lifetime so why not push the boat out and celebrate it in the most unique and flamboyant way you can? If this is something you’re planning for a birthday party than Victoria Warehouse in Manchester could be the perfect setting.

The possibilities with this venue are endless as the team at Victoria Warehouse deliver on whatever your imagination wants, and the venue can be scaled up or down for various sized events. Your party is guaranteed to be unique and have your guests in awe as the team understands that no two events are ever the same.

One thing's for sure, you will never forget your birthday party if you host it in the awe inspiring Victoria Warehouse.


West Reservoir Centre

If you’re looking for a slightly more mature and sophisticated party venue to celebrate your milestone birthday then we have just the thing. West Reservoir Centre based in London is a stylish and unique building with fantastic structural design features.

This venue can host up to 150 guests which is the perfect size for a more intimate occasion. This is a great venue if you’re wanting to celebrate in a slightly more modest way than the previous two options but still make it a special occasion. This venue also provides fantastic dining options for you and your guests, and if your birthday falls in summer you can party on the wooden terraces surrounded by its beautiful grounds.


Priestfield Stadium

Priestfield Stadium in Kent is a venue that ticks all the boxes for a birthday celebration. This venue is the home of Gillingham Football Club, but don’t be fooled by its sporting surrounding as this venue can be transformed into an entertaining party event.

It is a great size for large or smaller parties as it can host up to 700 guests with catering and fantastic decor. Not only this, Priestfield Stadium aims to make your special occasion personal and memorable with its presentation facilities and sophisticated sound and lighting equipment so you can look back on memories with family and friends via videos and images. Priestfield Stadium is the ideal place to create memories on your milestone birthday.


Celebrate Your Momentous Occasion With Our Party Venue Hire Locations

Choosing the perfect place to host your party is a difficult decision, particularly when it’s a memorable birthday celebration, so we hope we’ve helped narrow down your choices with our party venue hire location list.

If one of these venues has caught your eye, simply book via our website or give us a call on 0151 324 1707 to find out more. There are also plenty of other amazing party venues on our website, small and large, take a look!



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