Perfect Autumn Wedding Venues

Most people's idea of a perfect wedding is set against a backdrop of sunshine in the summer months. However, as unreliable as our summer can be to guarantee the perfect day, autumn has reliable golden sunshine days that offer a spectrum of colour to theme the decor. Everything from red, orange, yellow, brown to deep green. With colour so in focus, you need to pick a venue that won’t compete.  

We can help you choose a venue you can play with the seasons to emphasise the natural elements. Combine lilies and roses with dried flowers and pine cones to capture the abundance of the season.

The food can definitely be a focal point for an autumn wedding, with a warming soups and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Think pumpkin, roast dinners and sausage.

If you are creating a Bonfire theme don’t forget to provide extra warmth for your guests. Pashminas and outdoor blankets for watching the Fireworks are essential touches to keep autumn chills away.

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