Sport Venue Hire in the UK - Our Top Picks

Are you a sport fanatic looking to have your birthday party, engagement party or other occasion in your favourite football club or racing ground? We have the perfect sport venue hire locations for you to celebrate in.

You could be partying in the very same places your sporting heroes celebrated their achievements. Many of our sport venues have fantastic function rooms to host your guests. Here are our top three picks from around the UK.  

1. Everton Football Club, Liverpool

Football clubs that provide function rooms and entertainment are great for avid football fans. They naturally have a fantastic atmosphere full of celebration and history which is great for parties. If you’re a fanatical Everton fan then there is probably no other place you would like to celebrate in than your beloved stadium. Walk the corridors in the footsteps of your football heroes and party in their fantastic function rooms. Goodison Park was first opened in 1892 and is rich in heritage.

With many successful wins, there is a buzz throughout the building which creates a fantastic atmosphere for events. The stadium has 8 suites which can host up to 300 guests each with food, drinks, and live entertainment. Goodison Park has WiFi throughout the building and free parking for all your guests. If you’re an Everton fan this should be top of your list when hosting an event.

2. Wolverhampton Racecourse, West Midlands

This spectacular venue is great for those who love a day out at the races. If you’re looking for a more prestigious sporting venue then racecourses are the way to go as they have a sense of class and elegance. Get all dressed up for your very own day at the races!

The Wolverhampton Racecourse in West Midlands is one of the busiest and most prestigious racecourses in the UK. It boasts its very own on-site Holiday Inn Hotel and helipad, plus restaurants and bars!  Wolverhampton Racecourse is perfect for weddings, conferences, meetings and parties as it can host 600 plus people with an award winning catering service. This racecourse comes to life in the night time with the stunning views of the floodlit grounds. If you love racing and luxurious venues we’re sure you’ll love Wolverhampton Racecourse.

3. Snozone Castleford, West Yorkshire

Snozone Castleford is one of our most unique sporting venues and will certainly make your event one to remember. Located in West Yorkshire, Snozone is an indoor snow sport and leisure destination that offers ski and snowboard lessons, team building activities, as well as meetings, conferences and parties.

Snozone is a unique way to entertain your family and friends or meet with clients and employees. Whatever your event, it’s sure to have snow (if this is something you’re looking for) as Snozone remains wintery all year round. The fantastic staff at Snozone will cater their packages towards your event to create a great sporting experience!

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