St Mary’s Venue – Fifty Shades of Celebration

St Mary’s Venue, a church meeting place in its own right, but also a historically and architecturally appealing space, is the perfect destination for Christmas celebrations and remains in demand this Christmas Season.

Christmas started early for St Mary’s Venue in October, with the yearly Dream Toys event organised by the Toy Retailers Association and backed by the BTHA, which predicts the toys most wanted for Christmas. It’s all about what’s happening on the high streets in the U.K. This event kick starts the media coverage through TV, newspapers and magazines.

The month of December, is a very celebratory season for St Mary’s, not only because of the anticipation and preparation for Christmas surrounded by a rich; holly festooned; beautifully candlelit auditorium whilst serenaded by the heavenly voices of the Marylebone Community Choir, but because St Mary’s also host a range of unique and vibrant gatherings.

As a largely student orientated church, the “student organisers”, are incredibly creative in using the space for fun, social activities, which this month, will include a “Date Your Mate” evening. The venue will be stylishly transformed into an intimate and relaxed area for young people to meet and enjoy getting to know each other.

Young ladies everywhere are invited and love to gather regularly for conference style events within the main auditorium, easily filling the space, with room for a café style atmosphere, and inviting guest speakers and live bands on stage, to make the day both informative and vibrant to a whole range of multi talented women.

St Mary’s Venue open their doors for the yearly Christmas Cancer Research UK Concert, an incredibly important event that raises vital donations, with invited celebrity speakers and performances from a London based Chamber Choir.

Charity events are so important to their ethos as a Venue and because of that they offer a discounted rate to any Charities, striving to make an event both special, accessible and exceptional. They will do all that they can to ensure a highly successful outcome all-round.

Children play a very important part within the venue. Never more than throughout the Christmas Season. Sunrise Sounds will present “One Foggy Christmas” this year, aimed at children up to five years of age, who will snuggle down, with their parents, into beanbags, and enjoy a magical musical Christmas tale together as a family.

With all the candlelight and good will spilling around within St Mary’s Venue, the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic and glamorous wedding to be the

culmination of the month’s events. With a luxurious amount of space to seat and entertain all your friends and family, why would you choose to be anywhere else?

“We put our popularity down to the fact that we are a surprisingly versatile space which can accommodate an unexpected number of people while still

feeling intimate”, says Susan Hughes, Venue Manager of St Mary’s.

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