A Top Secret Meeting at The Churchill War Rooms

On Sunday 23rd June, the Churchill War Rooms were delighted to host the England Cricket Team’s annual meeting. What better venue to discuss winning strategy and plans to lead your team to victory than the historic Cabinet Rooms, where Churchill planned our most important victory?

The team had a guided tour of the historic rooms and even VIP access to the Cabinet Room, where 115 Cabinet meetings were held during World War II.

They then enjoyed catering from the venue’s food and hospitality provider Sodexo Prestige before their very own Top Secret Meeting in the venue’s most impressive event space, The Harmsworth Room.

Churchill War Rooms

Created in 1938, the Churchill War Rooms are set under the Treasury and a few minutes' walk from Horse Guards Parage and is one of the most historically important sites in the modern era. They were the scene of hundreds of crucial meetings of Winston Churchill's War Cabiner and Defence Committee during the Second World War and the setting for some of his most famous speeches. The Churchill War Rooms are a great place to entertain clients visiting London during the Olympics from breakfast receptions before te Volleyball Games to a Champagne and canapé reception and dinner from 10 to 350 guests.

Churchill War Rooms

Clive Steps

King Charles Street

London, SW1A 2AQ

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