Additional Aberdeen venue opened by healthcare specialist

An additional Aberdeen venue has been opened by Abermed, a company that specialises in occupational healthcare, reports

The Offshore House site is the third to be opened by the company in the city and is located alongside offices occupied by Atlas Interactive, an e-learning business. The new venue has conference facilities for corporate visitors and is designed to appeal to businesses seeking meeting rooms and advanced conference resources.

Sue Jordan, Aberdeen units manager at Abermed, told the website: "Abermed and Atlas Interactive are world leaders in their respective fields of industry medical services and e-learning and we are delighted to be working with Atlas Interactive and to have opened our third base in Aberdeen."

The conference facilities at the new site will also be used for company visitors and trainees, while the equipment offered by Atlas will enable staff to conduct offshore medical checks.

The new site will also enable Abermed to strengthen ties with the oil and gas industry, while offering a more convenient service to local clients.

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