Back in time to an Earls Court Christmas

Christmas 2007 and Earls Court is presenting the opportunity for the tired and jaded workforce of London to hold their Christmas parties in three of the decades that style forgot. Earls Court’s Museum Hall, will take all who enter on a magical mystery tour with three stops, the 60s, 70s and 80s. Guests will havean experiential journey through the sights and sounds of three decades complete with the best (or worst) of

the clothes, décor, music and refreshments that defined the eras.

“We’re not afraid of the truth that everyone likes a little escapism, a little nostalgia and a liberal coating of the ‘cheese factor’,” says Earls Court’s Vanessa Whybro. “Our guests will sashay through the sixties, glam through the seventies and finish their evening throwing their best shapes in the eighties, it is, quite literally, the journey of a lifetime.”

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