Barbican cocktail – The City Sliquor – launched as a tribute to Visit London

The Barbican has launched its own cocktail, The City Sliquor.

The cocktail was created by a professional mixoligist using the following ingredients:

· 20ml - midori

· 40ml - Gordon's gin

· 60ml - fresh orange juice

· 5ml - grenadine

The resulting cocktail is of course orange in colour!

Barbican head of corporate sales, Anthony Hyde: “There is no denying it, we saw the success of the Londoner Cocktail launched by Visit London and decided to pinch the idea for ourselves. The afternoon working with the mixoligist to find the perfect cocktail was particularly tough but the team worked well together and after much deliberation we eventually found an outright winner… The name, City Sliquor, suggested by Adam Grimshaw from Hotel World was just perfect.”

Adam Grimshaw, from Hotel World, won a champagne reception and ten cinema tickets for choosing the final name.

The cocktail will be offered to guests at a variety of Barbican events giving clients, partners and suppliers a chance to sample its unique flavour.

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