Bodies collaborate on purchasers' guide to events services

Three events industry trade associations have collaborated with leaders of the procurement profession to produce a good practice guide to assist corporate purchasers in working with events service providers.

The CIPS Events Services Guide is the result of a working partnership between the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA), Eventia and Meeting Professionals International (MPI) UK.

The CIPS Events Services Guide identifies best practice in selecting potential suppliers, managing the pitch process, measurement and evaluation, and the ongoing supplier relationship. The guide is available to CIPS members and also members of all three associations, via their respective websites.

This not the end for the Procurement Working Group, which will continue its meetings with a view to further identifying and communicating good practice and building on the relationship between CIPS members and the events industry.

Peter Rand MBE, director for industry relations at Zibrant, and chairman of the working group, said: "I have been delighted by the enthusiasm with which this initiative has been taken up by CIPS, HBAA, Eventia and MPI. There is no doubt that with a greater level of education and understanding among all parties, the benefits that procurement can bring to the credibility and value of the Events Services sector is enormous."

Ian Schollar, head of practice development at CIPS, agreed: “The partnership approach in producing this guide has proved to be very successful. The learning and knowledge gathered by all the groups involved has been significant and gives us a great platform from which to develop future understanding. This Guide will prove to be an invaluable tool for both the procurement profession and the Events Services industry."

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