Britain for Events campaign launches National Events Month

Michael Hirst, chair of the BVEP, announced the launch of the National Events Month, a month-long celebration of the UK events industry, at The Meetings Show today (9th July).

The Britain for Events campaign's new concept will take place over four weeks in October this year, with each week dedicated to a different sector of the events industry.

The first week will celebrate conferences and meetings, followed by a week focused on exhibitions and experiential brand activity. The third week will celebrate outdoor events and festivals and the final week will celebrate corporate hospitality.

There will also be a parliamentary briefing and an events manifesto, which will be launched and given to each of the major politcal parties to ensure that events are on the Governement's agenda.

BVEP's campaign co-ordinator Alistair Turner commented: "The objectives of the Britain for Events campaign is to promote the volume and value of the events industry and to champion the use of events as a way to spur business, create engagement and bring people together.

"The more people we can get on board with the campaign, the more it will resonate. It’s going to be a very big month for the events industry and we want to make it as big as possible."

Michael Hirst added: "Britian ia a great place to do business, to export from, to learn and to visit. Events in Britain embrace every part of Britain's social and economic framework. They permeate every aspect of Britian's cultural landscape. They provide the platform for Britain to display itself to the world."

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