Cardiff hoteliers call for new conference centre

Hoteliers in Cardiff are campaigning for a new conference centre in the Welsh capital, as part of a wider drive to promote business tourism in the city, reports

Hoteliers have already decided to forge a stronger relationship with Cardiff & Co's Convention Bureau by recruiting a manager to run it, a move which is intended to give the organisation renewed focus in promoting the city to businesses across the UK. Local firms are also looking to develop a new conference centre in a bid to consolidate Cardiff's reputation as a great city in which to live and work.

Derek Harvey, general manager of the Cardiff Marriott and chairman of the hoteliers' association, told the website: "Cardiff already has excellent facilities that can attract prestigious conferences and conventions. We are ready to play our part in promoting Cardiff as a top convention destination."

A thriving business tourism sector would be accomplished by providing excellent Cardiff venues that can be coupled with the range of hotel accommodation in the city.

Writing on, Leighton Andrews AM recently described how £3 billion will be spent over the next four years on upgrades to social housing in Wales.

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