Cavendish Conference Venues 6 market leading Green Initiatives

  1. For over three years now the Cavendish Conference Centre has recycled all its major waste with the exception of food waste! We separate paper into 3 categories as well as card, cans, glass, batteries, toner, plastics (7 categories). The problem with food waste being that uncooked meat and dairy products can result in the spread of BSE. However, following a six month trial the Cavendish has now put in place long terms contracts to dispose of all its food waste via a state of the art composting centre in Kent. The material is heated and pasteurised via microbial activity to 70 degrees the end product being garden grade compost. We are now london’s only zero landfill venue.

  2. The Cavendish Conference Centre is, to our knowledge, the only venue which can offer full traceability of all their meat which is now sourced from a single farm in Kent.

  3. The Cavendish Conference Centre has worked tirelessly with all suppliers to reduce packaging. One of the key determinants in any supplier tender is the amount of packaging which come with any product. So far this year two key suppliers (meat and vegetable suppliers) have contracted to leave no packaging of any kind in the venues.

  4. Cavendish Conference Centre has for a number of years offset all carbon released as a result of its operations and now, together with a number of major clients, they are now trialling a service whereby they offset all carbon resulting from all aspects of individual conferences i.e. travelling to and from the venue, all aspects of the venues operations including the venues own supply chain (deliveries etc) and all items bought in for the conference i.e. delegate packs, exhibition material and the like!

  5. The Cavendish is attempting to reduce all aspects of travel to its venue. An annual review is undertaken of all supplier locations with the aim of working with suppliers as close to the venue as possible. In 2008 56% of suppliers were located within a 3 mile radius of the venue. In 2008 the Cavendish commissioned a major transport survey of all movements to and from the venue and our website has now been comprehensively redesigned to help reduce the number of vehicle movements to all of the Venues. We have even organised a number of supplier forums to facilitate load sharing, another first for London’s prime Conference Group!

  6. Cavendish reviews its entire purchasing policy every year with a view to increasing the % of recycled products purchased. Between 2007 and 2008 the % recycled increased by 21%.

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