Chester Race Company to get involved in new Cheshire venue?

Cheshire venues could get a boost if the Chester Race Company decides to get involved in developing a £30 million conference centre and theatre.

The firm's chief executive, Richard Thomas, revealed to the Chester Chronicle that he was approached by Cheshire West and the local council over the plans to build an entertainment and conference facility on Little Roodee car park.

"We have always said we want to be at the centre of the cultural offering in Chester and it makes sense, if they are going to talk about it, that we would help them," he told the newspaper.

Mr Thomas has not pledged any money to the scheme and simply said that his company had been asked if they would look at the development plans.

Proposals for the new theatre and conference venue were launched back in July, with the developers aiming to create a facility that helps the city to rival other European cultural destinations such as Bruges, Avignon and York.

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