Dedicated Manager Answers All Venue Enquiries For MILTON KEYNES

*Lorraine Cookham appointed as conference desk and tourism services manager*

Looking for a venue in Milton Keynes? Perhaps for a conference, a wedding or a teambuilding day? Now one free call is all it takes to find everything from a meeting room to overnight accommodation.

Lorraine Cookham has been newly appointed as Destination Milton Keynes’ conference desk and tourism services manager - and she’s your direct personal contact for business and leisure enquiries relating to the Milton Keynes area.

Self-employed since 1995, Lorraine has lived in Milton Keynes for most of her life and has been involved in running trade associations in the UK and Europe. She explains: “I dealt with all aspects of administration including arranging and running meetings and conferences – both nationally and internationally.”

Jackie Inskipp, general manager at Destination Milton Keynes – the official provider of tourism services across Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas - says: “Destination Milton Keynes is unique in offering a combined conference desk and tourism enquiries service – in other locations these are usually available separately.

“Lorraine’s extensive experience of handling conference enquiries for venues and booking conferences for associations – as well as her excellent local knowledge - make her ideal for the job.”

Independently operated, Destination Milton Keynes has the full support of the Milton Keynes Council and its partner members. It is a partner member of Tourism South East (TSE) and a member of the British Association of Conference Destinations and the Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

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