Events organisers 'must not be put off by health and safety myths'

Anyone looking to organise outdoor events this summer should not feel constricted by overzealous health and safety rules, as many of the regulations publicised in the press are myths, according to one organisation.

Judith Hackett, chair of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), insists that there is some misleading information about the laws people have to adhere to, leading to confusion surrounding the staging of events.

"All that is needed is sensible and proportionate preparation, not excessive paperwork and precautions," she explains.

Ms Hackett adds that health and safety is often blamed for the cancellation of festivities, when in fact fear of litigation or organisation costs are behind the decision.

She directs events managers to the HSE website, where there is a five-step plan for carrying out simple risk assessments.

Meanwhile, Leeds venue Weetwood Hall recently recommended that businesses set a theme for an event to create a buzz when promoting it to delegates.

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