Golden Treatments launched at Vale Resort to make up for ‘wash-out’ Summer

A new collection of unique treatments, ideal for those who want a taste of summer on their skin in absence of the real thing, is being unveiled at the Vale Resort’s newly refurbished spa.

The Golden Package is being launched by the Vale Spa, near Hensol, in light of one of the wettest summers on record. It’s a one-off collection of three treatments that have been uniquely developed to provide clients with a sun-kissed glow.

Designed and created by the team at the Vale Resort, who worked closely with product houses to develop the collection, the package includes a Precious Gold Massage, Golden Touch Facial and an All that Glisters hand and foot treatment.

The Precious Gold Massage is an all over body rub using super-moisturising gold honey, followed by a glittering dry oil, which further moisturises the skin and relaxes tense muscles, while leaving a golden glimmer.

The Golden Touch Facial comprises a rejuvenating facial technique and includes application of the renowned Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tan for a naturally flawless finish and sun kissed look to the complexion and décolletage.

The All that Glisters pampering treatment for hands or feet is developed to recreate the illusion of rays of summer sunshine. A massage using a liquid gold infusion gives skin a shimmering glow, and is followed with a full manicure or pedicure, finished with a nail polish in a rosy colour of your choice.

All three treatments leave an iridescent golden shimmer to the skin, perfect for a summer glow.

Claire Caddick, spa and leisure manager at the Vale Resort, said: “This summer has been a wash out so far, and people have been coming into the spa complaining about the distinct lack of sun. While better weather is hopefully just around the corner, people are already feeling a little cheated out of their summer, so we decided to create a package of treatments to give them a pick me-up, and that golden glow feeling – despite all the rain!

“We have developed the treatments by using more than 20 years of in-house experience and working with suppliers and product houses to develop the package, which is completely unique to the Vale Resort.

“We’re the only spa facility in the UK to do this, and it is this level of skill and innovation which means clients come back again and again, as they know they are getting something a little bit special, which isn’t available elsewhere.”

The Vale Spa underwent a £250,000 refurbishment last year, which enabled the launch a number of exclusive new features, such as its four relaxation zones, which are designed specifically to extend clients’ spa visits, improving the treatment experience and creating a stress-free environment.

The new facilities saw the Resort as a runner up in the Residential Spa of the Year category at the professional beauty awards and achieved a five-bubble rating from the Good Spa Guide, the highest rating of its kind. It has also been shortlisted for this year’s Good Spa Awards in the categories of Best Spa in Wales and Marvellous Massage.

The Vale Spa has also opened its own funky Chai Cafe which also offers boutique shopping, complementing the Resort’s existing 19 luxury treatment rooms, four relaxation zones, 20m swimming pool, Jacuzzi sauna and steam room.

Ms Caddick continued: “Although we place great emphasis on the treatments we use and are very involved in the treatment development process, we’re also acutely aware of the spa experience as a whole. Our facilities are uniquely placed to enable the client to enjoy their treatment for longer, using the entire spa space to relax and unwind, which enhances the effects of their treatment overall.”

  • Precious Gold Massage at £55 for 55 minutes

  • Golden Touch Facial at £32 for 25 minutes

  • All that Glisters - £40 for 45 minutes

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