Growth in 2018 Summer Party Market Predicted


Lime Venue Portfolio is looking ahead to a strong summer as meetingsand events plann e rs look to combine business events with more seasonal summer partiesand outdoor incentive programmes. The specialist venue group has seen an increase in
‘event convergence’ enq uiries throughout the winter and spring, that gives it confidencecoming into the summer.

“’Event convergence’ is a trend that we’re seeing specifically within unique and unusual venues, but it’s one that should be relevant to all venues with a strong ‘outdoor’ product,”comments Jenner Carter, Head of Marketing, Lime Venue Portfolio. “It essentially means the combination of events, from a conference with an evening party extension, to training with an
incentive extension.”

The venue group has also noted the increase in production budget that accompanies this trend and the rise in more creative and strategic thinking from clients. “It’s a classic ‘less is more’ approach from really good event organisers,” continues Jenner. “Have one great event, instead of two smaller ones. It means a better standard of production, often with the involvement of a third-party agency, cost efficiencies and the creation of a more lasting eventin the minds of the delegates.”
Lime Venue Portfolio has long been a self-proclaimed cheerleader for event organisers looking to create ‘better’ events, utilising unique or unusual venues to create a more lasting effect pre, during and post event.

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