Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 Reaps ROO from 'Thrill Bill the Challenge' Teambuilding at Thorpe Park

The sales and marketing team at Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 recently combined an internal meeting at their office at Heathrow, with an afternoon teambuilding activity at Thorpe Park.

Prior to the teambuilding Daniel Hollett, Director of Sales and Marketing at the hotel set out a list of goals to be achieved by the activity which could be measured post event as ROO (return on objectives). Hollett said: “Teambuilding can sometimes be seen as an excuse for an offsite jolly and a waste of budget, but with clear objectives and the measuring of ROI or ROO the spend is justified. I selected a teambuilding activity that would be fun and engaging for the team, but would also see the business reap rewards by incentivising the team.”

Objectives outlined by Hollett included a mentally and physically challenging teambuilding activity that would see the participants analyse content, think quickly on their feet, come up with creative solutions, boost morale, push competiveness amongst teams and also bring the department closer together. It was vital that the techniques and skills used in the teambuilding were transferable to the business. Hollett added: “The ROO has been met with positive results in the workplace. My team loved the challenge and this activity certainly touched our competitive natures, whilst also bringing us together. I highly recommend the activity; it’s a totally unique experience that is versatile to any group size.”

Employees from Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5's sales and marketing department took part in ‘Thrill Bill the Challenge’ the newest teambuilding activity at Thorpe Park. Using Samsung Galaxy Tablets, installed with a unique GPS App which interacts with Google Maps, teams navigated through Thorpe Park looking for hotspots. At each hotspot teams pulled together to solve puzzles which allowed them to move onto the next phase of the challenge. The Tablet gave instant feedback on questions and tasks creating a fast paced activity with the inclusion of photo and video based challenges. A real time score board displayed each team’s progress, which kept the competitive spirit alive.

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