Hilton Terminal 5 Launch Guide to Global Business

Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 has launched a Guide to Global Business this month, aimed at conference and event organisers dealing with worldwide clients.

Capitalising on both its airport location and conference and events bookings involving large numbers of international delegates, the hotel has devised the guide as a way to help organisers welcome the world to their event.

The guide aims to help host a successful event in the UK, with delegates from any continent. It offers some general guidelines on how people from different countries and cultures may act, and how they may like to be welcomed, do business and be entertained.

Covering examples on how to make international delegates feel welcome, the Guide to Global Business provides tips on business negotiations, introductions, eating and drinking, dress code and body language. In addition to this, the hotel has worked with Rosetta Stone to provide language guidance and has the full endorsement of London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional organisation for the city, making this a definitive guide to doing business with the world.

Meredith Bevan, general manager at Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, comments: “Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 has become synonymous with global business. Our location provides an ideal hub for companies and individuals to meet and do business. As such, we’ve become experts on managing large scale events and those which involve many different cultures, traditions and specifications. We know that a few well placed and considered actions can go a long way in your business dealings.”

Tracy Halliwell, Director Business Tourism & Major Events, at London & Partners adds: “Staging the Olympic Games undoubtedly put London in the global spotlight. With over £11billion worth of investment across the city in 2012, the momentum continues with a long-term confidence in London’s capacity to host large scale events, meetings and conferences. Following the success of London 2012, there is no better time to impart what we learnt from hosting one of the greatest major event success stories the world has seen. With increasing numbers of international delegates in the city, initiatives such as the Guide to Global Business will help event organisers harness the buzz in the capital, understand how to do global business in London and welcome the world to their own event.”

Sylke Riester, Managing Director Europe at Rosetta Stone also adds: "Unlocking language means opening the door to a whole culture, from food and drink, to popular traditions. An understanding of language can help you do business with the world and communicate across cultures with foreign business partners and clients."

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