IACC announces new goals for the New Year

The International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) has set new goals for 2014, including the development of an IACC Institute and a certification programme for conference centre operators.

Founded in 1981, IACC is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting understanding and awareness of the conference centre industry and to giving member properties the tools necessary to provide exceptional meeting experiences. Active members meet a set of stringent Quality Standards and agree to a Code of Ethics. Currently, the association includes approximately 400 members.

The association’s CEO, Mark Cooper, commented: “IACC has long sought to increase its presence and influence in the certification of professionals in our industry.”

The IACC Institute aims, he said, to “deliver learning and training opportunities which will form the backbone of professional and personal development of our members.”

The association recently launched a joint survey with Development Counsellors International (DCI) Exploring the Generational Preferences of Meeting Planners.

Educating Meeting Planners will be the key focus at IACC’s Campfire sessions at MPI’s conference in February 2014.

The association has opened three new strategically located offices in Chicago, Brussels and Singapore to provide operational and administrative service to IACC on a worldwide basis. 

IACC recently awarded MD of the UK Sundial Group, Tim Chudley, with the association’s Global Distinguished Service Award. The annual award recognises IACC members who have made a sustained commitment and contribution to both the IACC and the conference centre industry worldwide.

Supporting IACC’s activities for over 20 years, Tim has served as both UK and Global President, as well as holding many other board positions. He has also been an active supporter of IACC’s staff exchange programme, accepting staff from member properties into the Sundial Group and vice-versa. He has played a significant role in introducing IACC’s Copper Skillet cooking competition on a global scale and was a key leader in bringing European members together under the banner of IACC Europe.

Peter Stewart, Global President of the IACC, who presented the award, said: “Tim Chudley is a leader well-known in IACC circles around the world for his contributions to our industry. Some of the innovations IACC has adopted throughout the world are testament to his vision.”

In acceptance of the award, Tim Chudley said: “The conference centre concept is at the heart of IACC and Sundial Group’s vision of providing the best possible environment for meetings. I have been very proud to, in some way, be instrumental in developing this and helping spread best practice around the world. It is especially gratifying to know that this award is the result of votes by my peers in the industry.”

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