IACC Presents Global Distinguished Service Award to Steen Broby

At the annual conference of IACC Europe in Stockholm, Sweden last week, Global President Peter Stewart presented the Global Distinguished Service Award to Steen Broby, Project Manager of the Comwell Group, Denmark. 

IACC, International Association of Conference Centres, is a not-for-profit organisation that gives member properties the tools necessary to provide an exceptional meeting experience. The Global Distinguished Service Award was established in 2009 to recognise the contributions of one member annually who has made a sustained commitment and contribution to IACC and the conference centre industry globally and across chapters.

Winners of the Global Distinguished Service Award are acknowledged for their role in advancing and improving IACC within their own country and abroad for a minimum of five years. Other contributions include a commitment to educating the industry and members on the value of IACC and to improving the benefits available to those members. Winners of the award are noted for having fostered relationships between the various segments of the industry around the world.

In presenting the award, Peter Stewart acknowledged that Broby’s contributions to IACC date back to 1989 when he became involved as CEO of what is now known as Comwell Klarskovgaard.

Steen has lead the Danish Chapter, the Scandinavian Chapter, and drove the formation and establishment of the first iteration of IACC Europe; he went on to be the driver of the effort to bring together the chapter again in 2010.

Stewart acknowledged that Broby is recognised as a leader on the association’s bylaws and would be “a great poker player as he always has the same smiling face - regardless of the circumstances.”

Stewart continued, “Steen is known as someone whose word is his commitment, and is a reliable and trusted friend of IACC within Europe and globally.  It is a great pleasure to recognise Steen’s contribution to IACC over many, many years by presenting him with IACC’s Global Distinguished Service Award.

Steen became the CEO of Comwell Klarskovgaard in 1988, joined IACC Denmark in 1989, and until last year he was regional director for three Comwell conference centres. Alongside his involvement in IACC he was co-founder of the marketing association Danish Conference Centres. Today Steen is project manager in the Comwell Headquarters in Copenhagen.

Previous recipients of the IACC Distinguished Service Award include Andy Dolce, Preben Nesager, Jeffrey Farman, Burt Cabanas and Tim Chudley.

The IACC-Europe annual conference was held in the form of a multi-centre, study-tour style conference in and around the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden and its surroundings from October 4-6, 2014.  According to IACC CEO, Mark Cooper, the learning experience at the conference was conducted in a manner that encouraged the delegates to think differently, change their point of view and experience empowered learning.

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