ICETANK appoint Seasoned Events as preferred caterer

Central London event venue, ICETANK, are pleased to announce the appointment of Seasoned Events as a new preferred caterer. Seasoned Events has over 30 years experience in the events industry and can create a tailor-made menu for any event.

Seasoned Events are able to offer an unforgettable dining experience for discerning guests at ICETANK. The venue has a state of the art feature kitchen in the main space and allows for a truly unique dining event.

Seasoned Events’ talented chefs design fabulous menus, keeping up with all the latest trends and cooking techniques. The innovative team at Seasoned Events can develop unique British menus that will make your taste buds dance by offering an unexpected contrast of textures and flavours to every dish. Seasoned and ICETANK can offer great food, great service and a great venue to create something special every time.

In less than year since ICETANK opened its doors to the events industry the venue has grown from strength to strength. The venue has hosted prestigious events for a wealth of different brands ranging from ‘Marc Jacobs’ to ‘Waitrose’ and ‘Dell’. Client relations Manager Amelia Donkor says, "Every new event is an exciting challenge and we look forward to working with Seasoned Events to create more magical experiences."

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