Industry rallies for government support during conference season

Meetings and events venues and destinations are using the current ‘conference season’ to underline the value of the industry in front of government. In the run up to the focal week of the Britain for Events 2010 campaign (18th – 24th October) each of the three political parties have held high profile conferences demonstrating the power of the medium in front of mainstream audiences.

Through the Britain for Events 2010 campaign, representatives in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham have proactively signed up MPs to support the campaign with the ACC collecting signatures live at the Liberal Democrats conference.

“The move of the campaign to October has afforded the industry the perfect demonstration of the power of conferences and events and an ideal forum to show their value,” comments Simon Mills, campaign coordinator and Head of Business Visits & Events and Brand Partnerships. “Britain for Events 2010 now represents one of the industry’s most impactful initiatives to raise the importance and economic value of the events industry.”

The activity has been taking place just weeks ahead of the BVEP House of Commons reception and adds further emphasis to the strength of this year’s government facing campaign.

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