IRN-BRU Carnival Becomes SECC Champion

With just under seven weeks until Christmas and the kick off of the 90th IRN-BRU Carnival, the Scottish Exhibition + Conference Centre (SECC) has bestowed the honour of its Champion Award, to thank them for their continued use of the SECC as its venue.

The SECC has hosted The Carnival since 1985, when the renowned Scottish venue first opened its doors, making it a significant part of the SECC’s history.

John Sharkey, Chief Executive of the SECC said: “The IRN-BRU Carnival has been a permanent fixture in our calendar of events throughout our 25 years in operation. We are delighted to welcome the Carnival back as it celebrates its 90th birthday and felt it appropriate to thank them for their contribution to our success over the last quarter of a century, by awarding them a Champion Award.”

The presentation was made to Kevin Carter on behalf of The Carnival, who commented: “I have been operating at The Carnival at the SECC since 1985 and it’s always a pleasure to return each year. It is an honour to receive the Champion Award on behalf of everyone at the IRN-BRU Carnival and we wish the SECC continued success in the future.”

Champion awards, presented throughout 2010, are part of the SECC’s 25th anniversary celebrations and acknowledge the contributions of key people and organisations over the last 25 years and the part they have played in the SECC’s success.

The IRN-BRU Carnival takes place at the SECC from the 24th December 2010 – 16th January 2011, where over 60 attractions will thrill the crowds over the festive period.

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