London Aquarium proves popular venue on re-launch

The London Aquarium has secured contracts for two events after impressing organisers with its re-launch party, a source reports.

Computer Software Company and a law firm have booked the marine centre, one of the more unusual London venues, and more reservations could be made in the near future, according to Event magazine.

The aquarium's interactive party to mark its re-opening also impressed another organiser so much that they decided to book an event for 500 guests at the centre's sister venue Madame Tussauds.

"We expect at least another ten confirmations over the coming week on the back of Tuesday night's event," Michael Aldridge, events general manager at Merlin Events, tells the news provider.

Meanwhile, Kevin Wilks, director of Eventmasters, has said that venues must be flexible in their pricing of corporate hospitality deals in order to succeed in the recession.

He suggests there has been a "reality check" for vendors, who have had to curb the amount they charge.

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