London venues exhibition to go ahead two days early

The Unique Venues of London (UVL) Expo will now go ahead two days early, the organisers have said.

Showcasing London venues, the event was meant to be held on July 15th, the same day tube workers are planning a 48-hour walkout affecting several major lines, Event magazine reported.

According to the organisers, the expo will still go ahead at the Science Museum. However, it will now be held on July 13th.

Earlier this month, the Unique Venues of London, which is made up of 60 member venues, said events will play a key role in helping to ensure the survival of iconic buildings across the capital.

Research by the organisation shows that venues in London rely heavily on events to maintain their architecturally renowned buildings.

The organisation represents the Imperial War Museum, The Royal Academy of Arts, Trinity House, Royal Albert Hall, ZSL London Zoo and the Royal Courts of Justice, among others.

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