Maugie Lyons leaves The Royal Horticultural Halls

After 15 years with The Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre (The RHH), Maugie Lyons is leaving the post of Head of Commercial Operations in order to pursue fresh challenges. The move coincides with a review and re-structure of the Royal Horticultural Society, during which two sales focused roles, Publisher and Head of Commercial Operations, were merged.

Maugie Lyons said: "The RHH has meant a great deal to me - it is a wonderful venue and a great team - but the time is right for me to move on. I am looking forward to a new role within the event industry and maintaining my contacts with the many friends and colleagues I have in the business."

Dan Wolfe, RHS Director of Members, Art and Media, said: "For over 15 years Maugie has played a key part in the Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre team, generating millions of pounds of income for the RHS. The RHS would like to thank Maugie for all she has done to support the Society and wishes her the very best for the future.

"The new role of Head of Sales (RHS Media and The Royal Horticultural Halls) will be taken up by Fergus Wilson, who was previously in charge of RHS media sales at the Society."

The restructure affected eight management posts from the Society's 751-strong workforce and makes the RHS more open and dynamic for future growth.

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