MEDIAmaker call for creative tactics to encourage delegate participation

Multi-channel communications agency, MEDIAmaker is calling on event organisers to embrace creativity and ‘think outside the box’ to encourage increased delegate participation. This comes following a survey carried out by the company, which revealed that 48 per cent of respondents often feel reluctant to contribute to discussions or ask questions for fear of being the centre of attention or getting things wrong.

MEDIAmaker has over 20 years’ experience in delivering large scale events for some of the UK’s most well-known brands. They conducted the survey into the views and behaviours of UK corporate event delegates, questioning business men and women on their perceptions, experiences and individual preferences in relation to the communication delivery and engagement mechanisms available that best help them to retain information.

Commenting on the survey findings, MD Alison Glaves notes, “The fact that 48 per cent of our survey respondents admitted to feeling reluctant to contribute to discussions during corporate conferences and events represents a significant waste of opportunity for businesses.

“To get the most out of an event, businesses must consider the barriers that prevent almost half of delegates fully engaging in the process and develop tactics to promote increased participation.

“Taking the time and consideration to build a secure and comfortable environment, where delegates feel their views will be appreciated and questions welcomed, is a great starting point. Breaking down large audiences into small discussion groups can help build the less outspoken audience members’ confidence. Social media, texting polls and interactive tablets now provide a great safeguard for the audience, and are a convenient way of acquiring instant responses and views as well as gaining quality feedback, real-time questions and collecting valuable data.

“There are many useful techniques and tools that can be used to encourage audience participation, but ultimately, it’s about understanding your audience, their engagement potential and how to maximise this to create an effective and successful event.” 

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