MIA aims to facilitate cooperation within the industry

Andrew Mosley, Chairman of the Meetings Industry Association (MIA) has stated that it is evident a climate of co-operation is needed for the industry.

The statement followed a recent Principals Agent Hosted Dinner on the HMS President. Andrew commented: "During one evening that brings agents and venues together in a non-pressurised situation, the industry makes many months worth of progress. Simply by talking over dinner, barriers are broken down, questions are answered and mutual understanding is enhanced. This is a beneficial climate of co-operation, where a new environment is created. 

"It’s one in which the opportunities to work together can grow and everyone can thrive. The industry needs more co-operation like this and the mia is looking at ways to facilitate closer relationships between key industry sectors."

Over 40 attendees were present at the dinner, with representatives from Zibrant, Absolute Corporate Events, BookOTel Events, Conference Venues Countrywide and Grass Roots Meetings & Events. 

The MIA believe that the success of the event demonstrates the growing appetite for exclusive events for senior professionals in the industry. 

Those in attendance discussed topics including: Recent changes in agent/client/venue priorities; rate flexibility; cancellation policies; package rate transparency; the pressures agents face from their clients; ensuring excellent service is delivered consistently throughout the industry and whether agents would pay higher rates for the right service levels.

The next mia Principals Agent Hosted Dinner will take place at the National Space Centre in Leicester on 13th November 2014.

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