More caterers needed at East of England Showground

The East of England Agricultural Society is looking for another 16 outdoor catering vendors to meet the needs of the 800,000 showgoers who visit its Showground in Peterborough every year.

Last year The Society launched Food Direct from the Farm at the East of England Country Show. Under this initiative the food consumed on the Showground, whether for a Gala dinner, a conference or an outdoor consumer "event":, is from British suppliers and, wherever possible, sourced from local farmers and food producers based within a 30 mile radius.

“The initiative is going from strength to strength. It began with finding fresh produce of the highest quality from local sources for our own in-house Showground catering for functions and "conferences": This was then extended to outdoor catering with the launch of our own state-of-the art mobile Outdoor Kitchen at the Country Show in 2004. Now the initiative has come full circle and we need to increase the size of our outdoor catering capability,” says chief executive, Andrew Mercer. “In the next year we have to be able to offer more good quality food at outdoor "events": and need at least 16 more mobile catering vendors to meet the increased demand for food at our already 24 events.”

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