Motorcycle design company opens new conference facilities

Xenophya Design, a design company that caters specifically for motorcycles, has included conference facilities in its new UK studio, reports

Located in a Northumberland business park, the conference centre stands alongside a design workshop and a clay-modelling studio among various additional office facilities.

The offices are all designed with an open-plan layout and are well-lit in a bid to facilitate a comfortable working environment.

The company still uses clay modelling to initiate ideas, while computer-aided design is clearly an important development for the modern industry.

Many designs never make it into the public domain, often for contractual reasons, but expansion to the Far East suggests that a positive future.

Philip Heung, who represents Xenophya Design in Hong Kong, told the website: "For us and our clients the Hong Kong office acts as a conduit easing communication with both factories and suppliers in the Far East."

Xenophya Design was set up by Ian Wride and Mark Wells in 2001 and is involved with the Motorcycle Design Association.

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